Glacier Specialty Car Rentals

Car Rental Operations Are Seasonal May-October.

We primarily service Columbia Falls, West Glacier and the RV Parks

After checking availability below, if there isn't any vehicles available please call 406-249-0908.

Oftens times we can move some things around to open a vehicle.  

For Cabin Rentals please visit our website at


Rental Policies

  • All Drivers listed on the reservation must be present to sign a Rental Contract when picking up and checking out the vehicle or they won’t be able to be added as drivers on the rental.
  • All Drivers listed must have a Valid US Driver’s License - All Licenses will be verified at the time of pickup.
  • All Drivers listed must provide a Valid Proof of Auto Insurance prior to the scheduled pickup date. Full Coverage Auto Insurance (comprehensive and collision) that extends to a Rental Vehicle is preferred and most common for everyone to have. This should be sent via e-mail at least one week prior to your scheduled pickup date. The e-mail address to send it to is
  • In the event a Driver only carries Liability Auto Insurance, they can still rent/drive but only if the Additional Protection Insurance we offer is purchased when reserving the vehicle. Additionally a $2,500 Incidental Deductible Hold will be required at the time of pickup for those with only Liability coverages. 
  • If it is found that a driver only has Liability during the verification process, then the Additional Protection Insurance will automatically be added on and charged to the card on file. 
  • The Name on the Credit Card used for payment must match the name of the Primary Driver listed on the Contract.
  • Our Vehicles must be picked up and returned to our facility as we only have one location and don't offer one way rentals.
  • Our Vehicles cannot be left at the Airport or at any other location.  A $500 fee will be charged for vehicles not returned to our facility. Leaving our vehicles elsewhere may also result in a stolen vehicle report being filed with local authorities.
  • NO Drivers under the age 21.
  • NO Unregistered Drivers are allowed. If someone else in your party is going to be driving, then they must be added as an Additional Driver and are subject to all the same rules and policies as the Primary Driver. 
  • NO Smoking of any kind is allowed in the vehicle. A $250 fine will be charged for any smoke smell or residue found in the vehicle at the end of your rental. 
  • NO Pets Please - A $100 Cleaning Fee will be charged for additional cleaning if pet hair, pet dander, or pet damage is found during the cleaning process. Don't sneak your pet in and you won't be charged. 
  • NO Off-Roading. TIP: This means stick to the pavement and well-traveled and groomed gravel roads. Make sure to keep your distance behind other vehicles on Montana highways and roads. The rocks thrown up off the road from the vehicle in front of you is often the cause of a chip or crack to the window here in Montana, and the other driver is not considered at fault when this occurs. This means that ultimately you will be responsible for any repairs, so in the long run it is cheaper to keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • We charge a minimum fee of $250 to come to your rescue for any reason within a 50-mile radius of our facility. The farther away you are the more your rescue is going to cost. We charge $75 for every additional 25 miles driven beyond the first 50 miles. So be cautious when locking the vehicle up and don’t lock the keys inside. Tow companies here charge $500-$700 to come into the Park, and that is if you can even get them to come into the Park.
  • All Vehicles are sent out cleaned and sanitized by our Staff. In return we ask that you also bring the vehicle back clean and ready for the return inspection. Up to a $100 Cleaning Fee will be charged for any vehicle returned so dusty and dirty that it can’t be properly inspected. There is a local car wash here in Columbia Falls in which you can run the vehicle through to rinse it off before returning. 
  • ALL Vehicles are required to be returned with a FULL tank of fuel. Premium/Luxury/Turbo vehicles require Premium fuel, a receipt is required upon return for these vehicles. For any vehicle that is not returned with a full tank there will be a $10 per gallon charge for us to refuel the vehicle before the next renter is due to pick it up. There is a gas station less than a mile away from our facility where you can quickly top the tank off prior to returning the vehicle. 
  • A walk around will be performed on all vehicles going out and coming in. During this walk around we are looking for items such as scratches, dings, dents, window chips, window cracks, and Interior upholstery stains, tears, or scratches. A claim will be processed against your insurance for any new damages found during the return inspection. This is where purchasing the Rental Collision Protection Insurance can be helpful. For $35 a day it will provide you with $20,000 worth of coverage with a $250 deductible. If a claim needed to be filed for "Non-Collision" damages then it would be filed against the Rental Collision Protection Insurance and not with your personal insurance. 
  • Pick Up and Drop Off times should be coordinated around your Arrival and Departure times accordingly. When booking your reservation keep in mind that our Facility is at minimum 15 minutes from the Airport and 15-25 minutes to an Amtrak station. You will need to account for time to arrange or wait for your transportation to and from our facility if you are not using our shuttle.
  •  Payment is required to reserve and hold the vehicle.  
  • A $500 hold will be placed on your card the day of arrival for incidentals and to ensure there is enough funds to cover a deductible in the unforeseen event there is an accident. This is the $500 Deposit amount you see when reserving the vehicle. 

Cancellation Policy

  • Due to the high demand and shortage of rental vehicles, Cancellations require a 7-day written notice for Full Refund (less any applicable fees). 
  • Cancellations made outside the 7-day window will be charged a 15% administrative processing fee. This will be deducted from any refund due. 
  • 50% of the Reservation becomes Non-Refundable for cancellations made within the 7-day window and up to 1 day before your reservation begins.
  • 100% of the Reservation becomes Non-Refundable for cancellations made within a 24 hour window of your reservation.
  • Cancellation notices should be emailed to The date of your email will serve as the date stamp for your cancellation request. 
  • NO Shows will be charged for the full amount of the reservation.

By agreeing to our policies, you are agreeing to accept and abide by these rules when renting from Glacier Specialty Car Rentals. 

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Glacier Specialty Car Rentals, 7620 US-2 E, Columbia Falls, Montana, 59912, United States, Phone: 406-249-0908, Email:

Booking Instructions and Information

  • Our Facility is located at 7620 US-2 E, Columbia Falls, MT which is roughly 10-15 minutes from the Airport (FCA) or the West Glacier Amtrak Station. When you rent both a Cabin & Car from us, we will pick you up from either of these mentioned locations.
  • Your rental will start at the time of your scheduled pick up time and end at the time of drop off. Vehicles must be returned at the scheduled time unless you have contacted us to verify availability for an extension. More often than not our cars come in and go out in the same day so the vehicle must be available for an extension.
  • Your pickup time should be roughly 30-45 minutes after your flight or train arrives. Your drop off time should be minimum 90 minutes before your departing flight or train to allow for enough time.
  • We require a proof of insurance to be submitted either via text (406-249-0908) or email ( 7 days prior to your reservation. We do send out a reminder 10 days prior so be sure to watch for this and submit this as soon as you have a chance to to avoid forgetting.
  • Insurance verifications are processed prior to your arrival which greatly reduces the wait time during the check out process on your day of arrival.
  • Please be sure to provide your Arrival and Departure information for scheduling purposes, if you are staying with us.  
  • NO Off-Roading allowed, stick to the pavement and well groomed gravel roads. 
  • NO Pets are allowed in the vehicle.
  • NO Smoking is allowed in the vehicle.
  • We only have one location and do not offer one way rentals. Cars must be picked up and dropped off at our facility located at 7620 US Highway 2 E, Columbia Falls, MT.
  • Make sure to use Google Maps and input Fort Williamson, this will bring you right to us. We are located between Columbia Falls and the West entrance to Glacier National Park. Sometimes when the address is input into some of the maps it takes you to an incorrect location. So be sure to use Google Maps and the Fort Williamson pin.  


Q - How do I get to your facility to pick up the car?

A. Our address is 7620 US-2 E, Columbia Falls, MT. We are located only 10 miles from the Glacier Park International Airport (GPIA) and 16 miles from the West Glacier Train Station. Most likely if you have rented one of our cars, then we will be picking you up and bringing you to your Cabin and Car.

Q. Why do I receive a No Rates Available message?

A. This location is a seasonal operation that rents vehicles during the months of May-Oct. Reservations can be made by calling 1-406-249-0908

Q. Why am I receiving a cancellation notice 5 days before my reservation?

A. We require a proof of insurance to be submitted either via text (406-249-0908) or email ( 7 days prior to your reservation. We do send out a reminder 10 days prior so be sure to watch for this and submit this as soon as you have a chance to to avoid forgetting. Insurance verifications are processed prior to your arrival which greatly reduces the wait time during the check out process on your day of arrival. 

 Thank You for visiting our page.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.